Stellingkast / Boekenkast: Model Lisa

Levertijd: 14 tot 16weken

Wij maken voor jullie op maat deze Stellingkast / Boekenkast: Model Lisa.

Dit is ons standaard model Lisa

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Afmetingen kast op foto:

Breedte    70 cm
Diepte.     32 cm
Hoogte    295 cm

Model op de foto is in Vintage wash

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| lisa patterson 15-03-2023 13:42

In the corner of our kitchen we have what I thought of as the "dead corner", where things just sort of accumulated. Not big enough for a piece of furniture, but also not a space you want to just let go to waste. I always wondered if I could make a shelf there, that would really take advantage of every inch of space. I finally decided to do something about it when I bought a new mixer. Not wanting to give up the old mixer yet (a Kitchen-Aid only a few years old), I decided that maybe it was time to think about that "dead corner". Could a rustic wooden shelf be just the thing, to organize and hang baking things? My own small "Dille-en-Kamille" in the corner of the kitchen. Of course, that mixer had to fit there...and so Cees has helped tremendously with that. He took the time to listen to what I needed and wanted, and came to measure it just right. He understood that that mixer had to fit between the legs of the shelves, which wasn't an easy task considering the cabinets and the window which he had to work around. He even came an extra evening to take a look and help with advice when it turned out an electrical outlet gave us problems. The cabinet is beautiful and already very useful. Best of all, the mixer fits no mater which direction I want to set it on the shelf. I would recommend Cees for any project, and even something you see on his website he is willing to listen and talk to you about how he can make that work in your own space.

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